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Eclipse Recovery - for recovering horses

15 July 2016

Sometimes our horses can get a bit run down. Maybe some essential medical treatment has upset their gut, or a worm dose has left them feeling a bit peaky. Traveling can take it out of some horses. Even a long gap without eating can have its consequences – a gap of 4 hours or more leaves the gut microbes feeling a bit peckish, not to mention the horse! Maybe you feel the immune system is not firing on all cylinders or they are not picking up after a cold as they should. It can even help horses through a change of diet such as coming in for the winter after a summer at grass, or switching to Simple System from other types of feed. Whatever the reason, being out of sorts can happen to any horse at any time. Eclipse Recovery to the rescue! This amazing feed is made from fermented wild flower forages from Austria, fortified with some horse radish and topped up with linseed and seaweed. Yummy! Not only does it taste good but the metabolites of all that fermentation are alleged to do wonderful things for the horse. It is fed initially as a course, using 40g for every 100kg of horse, so for a 500kg horse, 200g per day. After a month or so, gradually tail it off and that is that! For a more needy horse, you may want to keep it on a small amount until you have achieved your goal. It comes in a 5 kg pack for a pony or 10 kg for a larger horse. Suitable for all horses and ponies including those on very low sugar/starch diets. This specialist feed may need to be ordered in especially for you from your usual retailer, or you can order direct from Simple System. There is more information about Eclipse Recovery here, or you can contact our Feed Line on 01728 604 008, info@simplesystem.co.uk or fill in the enquiry form here. If you have concerns at all that your horse is unwell, consult your vet.

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