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Managing joints in winter

31 October 2016

Full time turn out is ideal to keep our older equine friends mobile. Sadly, in winter this is not always possible. Pasture may lack shelter, clay soils get very wet, the horse may be too sensitive to bear winter weather or it may be yard policy to rest the pasture. Result? Many horses are stabled for longer and get stiff. Putting the feed, hay or hay replacer in two or three different places will encourage movement. Nutrition is important - Simple System has FlexiBalance. This combines best-selling Total Eclipse balancer with highly effective Joint Eclipse. With natural, animal-free ingredients, no bulkers or fillers, it’s perfect for elderly, stiff or hard working horses. With no added sugars, starchy ingredients, wheat or soya, it suits sensitive equines, too. If you would like any advice or further information on FlexiBalance or Simple System's product range please get in touch with our Feed Line team on 01728 604008 or info@simplesystem.co.uk.

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