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NEW: Sainfoin Pellets

22 November 2016

Simple System is delighted to announce the launch of our new Sainfoin Pellets. Our Sainfoin Pellets contain 100% pure sainfoin, free from binders, molasses and preservatives. Sainfoin is an ancient legume that has been grown by farmers across the world for hundreds of years. It was known that animals fed on sainfoin were healthier and put on weight more rapidly than on other forage. In the days when working horses were commonly used in agriculture, sainfoin was grown as a hay crop to provide high quality forage which would power the heavy working horses. With the advent of cheap nitrogen and new strains of high yielding crops, the use of sainfoin started to decline in Western countries from the 1930s. However, with current interest in sustainable and organic farming there is renewed interest in sainfoin. Sainfoin is a perennial legume herb that is highly palatable to animals and has an excellent nutritional balance. It thrives on alkaline soils, provides its own nitrogen and so needs little crop spray. Sainfoin has deep roots that draw up minerals from well below the top soil, making it a highly nutritious forage. Sainfoin is non- bloating and known to have anthelmintic properties. Our Sainfoin Pellets are rich in natural minerals and trace elements. They are a good source of condensed tannins, which enhance the digestibility of protein. Sainfoin is also a source of naturally occurring copper, which can aid the health of bones, tendons and joints. Sainfoin Pellets are suitable for all horses, and can be very beneficial when fed with hay and grass as a nutritious alternative and to add a variety of flavour. Sainfoin Pellets are particularly suitable for horses requiring a nutritious diet, including: - Pregnant mares - Foals and young growing horses - Older horses - Competition horses - Horses in recovery - Horses with lucerne allergies For more information on sainfoin, please click on the links below: Introducing legumes Sainfoin – worth another look? EQ Life article

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