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Simple System Instant Linseed

14 February 2017

Did you know… Simple System Instant Linseed is not like other linseed. In our never-ending quest for the best we have persuaded one of our favourite (because he is as fussy as we are) farmers to be our exclusive supplier of linseed. His fields turn blue in June and by August they are dark gold and ready to harvest. From there, the linseed goes to a professional seed cleaner where any bits of stalks, husks, small seeds and seeds from any other plants are all removed. This super-pure, high quality linseed is then ground and cooked for us. For our horses, this means their linseed from Simple System is purer and due to the cleaning process, higher levels of oil, at 42%. This oil is 50% omega 3, massively higher than any other vegetable oil and in the same ratio with omega 6 as natural grazing – 4:1. This high quality linseed is available as a straight, Instant Linseed, and is also used in our blends and balancers. It is unique to Simple System, so not available from any other source. It is simply the best!

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