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Top Nosh - the new name for Tickover

07 August 2009

Our new, popular product Tickover has been renamed Top Nosh. This new name has been chosen to reflect just how good this feed is. Made from just pure lucerne leaf and instant linseed, these tiny pellets can be fed dry or just covered with water for an instant, highly nutritious feed. At just 40p per day for an average-sized (500kg) horse, they are also fantastic value. Ideal for topping-up horses and ponies with good quality protein, a wealth of natural minerals including magnesium and calcium, omega 3 oils and significant levels of natural Vitamin A (carotene) and Vitamin E. Suitable for all horses, and safe for those suffering metabolic disorders, digestive problems, box rest and injuries, it can also be used in larger quantities where nutritional needs are higher. More information.

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