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Organic Lucie Stalks

10 May 2018

As the Spring grass comes through, many good doers will need to move over to a low calorie feed. Organic Lucie Stalks are ideal - this versatile chop can be used to bulk out feeds, slow down eating time or be fed on their own as a hay replacer. Organic Lucie Stalks are a sieved lucerne chop suitable for all equines, especially those looking to lose weight. They are a very low calorie feed with superior high fibre. As with all Simple System feed, Organic Lucie Stalks are 100% pure and contain no extra added ingredients. - Free from molasses - Free from straw - Free from preservatives - Free from additives - Low in sugar - Low in starch As well as being BETA NOPS approved, our Lucie Stalks are also certified organic by the Soil Association. You can be sure that our Organic Lucie Stalks are produced naturally without the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides. Please contact our Feed Line on 01728 604 008 or email info@simplesystem.co.uk for free individual feeding advice for your horse. Our Feed Line are available Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

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