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15 April 2020

With advice from the British Equestrian Federation not to ride and thus avoid burdening the NHS with our broken bones and concussions – our horses are short of work. They may also now be getting grass as this is starting to come through and contributing greatly to their intake. A few simple switches will enable you to keep your horses well and avoid them gaining too much weight. Lucie Fibre Cubes are a lower calorie alternative to Lucie Nuts. They are sun dried and much of the nutritious leaf comes off during harvesting, which is very good for the soil. Organic Lucie Stalks can be used instead of GreenGold or Build & Shine for a lower calorie option. Timothy Chop is lower calorie than Perform & Shine. Blue Bag Grass Pellets are less calorific then Red Bag Grass Pellets. Total Eclipse is fed at 25% of the rate of many other balancers, so good where calories are being counted and as it is also more economical than most other balancers, just the job when funds are limited. For a 500kg horse it can be just 50p per day. Some horses did not winter well and for some the grass is not yet getting away. Red Bag Grass Pellets are made from early growth grass, so similar to spring grazing – idea to prepare your horse for turnout if he has been in, perfect for foaling mares without access to nutritious grazing and just the job for building up lean horses. Bear in mind these are a high energy feed, so go easy if your horse is already a high energy model! Our Feed Line is still operating as normal (well, more or less…) so do get in touch if you want to discuss any aspect of your horses feeding. Deliveries are as normal and we are well stocked.

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