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Product Spotlight: Lucie Fibre Cubes

24 November 2020

As the temperature drops our horses may need a little more help to keep their condition. This has been a regular theme on the Feed Line recently and for those horses who need a little bit extra we recommend TopGain. TopGain is great for adding in those extra concentrated calories without having to use huge amounts of feed and will not hot your horse up, which is always an added bonus! Just one bag may be all you need to ensure your horse is topped up as we go into the winter. TopGain is £24.50 for a 20kg bag and is fed at 100g per 100kg of body weight but this can be given up to triple this amount if it is needed. So an average 500kg horse can have between 500g and 1.5kg per day. TopGain has low levels of sugar & starch and is suitable for all horses.

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