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Christmas Deliveries & Opening Hours

27 November 2020

Please place your order by 5pm on Wednesday 16th December to guarantee delivery before Christmas. We will be staying open between Christmas and New Year this year; we will be available on the phone and via email for feeding advice, to take orders or if you just feel like calling to wish us a Merry Christmas! Our delivery drivers will also be out on the roads delivering feed to your horses throughout the Christmas period. We will be available on the 29th, 30th and 31st December. P.s. Our drivers will be making Christmas deliveries in their usual Simple System delivery vans, sadly not in a horse drawn sleigh! But thank you to Mark and Joanna Broadbent from Team Fenix for sending us this wonderful photo.

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Many customers have excellent results when Target Feeding, reporting greater energy levels, improved stamina and greater focus.