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This week on the Feed Line...

22 January 2021

This week on the Feed Line we have had some concerned owners whose horses have dropped weight. This can be normal in the winter and to be welcomed if previously they were, shall we say, chubby! But it can go beyond what is acceptable and we need to take action. If it’s just a case of needing a bit more bulk in the diet, consider generous amounts of soaked PuraBeet and/or Lucie Fibre Cubes. But sometimes, the situation is a bit worse, and you look at your horse and wish you could put them on good spring grass but of course there isn’t any. Bring on the Red Bag Grass Pellets! The best spring grazing, in a bag! Soak them to restore hydration, extend eating time, aid digestion, dilute stomach acid and reduce any risk of choke. But not for those who cannot tolerate such delights. The grass-sensitive horses may be better off with a top up of TopGain – high calorie, high oil but naturally low sugar. One day, the ground will dry out and the sun will keep shining and the grass will grow. In the meantime, we have to manage as well as we can and do our best for our horses. If you need to discuss your horse’s requirements, please contact the Feed Line and we will be happy to make some suggestions for you. Jane van Lennep BSc., MSc., BHSI(SM Cert)., NPSD. Director of Nutrition

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