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Feeding the young horse

24 August 2021

With summer here, it is a good time to bring on the young horses. Starting work can be very demanding for any young horse. They are still growing and developing, starting work for the first time ever and having to build muscle to cope with the work. Even the change of routine or moving to a training yard will add to the stress and demands on their system. Lots of feed may be needed to counter all these demands and avoid weight loss. Soaked Lucie Nuts are great as they have all the right nutrition but being naturally low in sugar and starch, will not make the horse sharp. A chop is always a good idea to encourage chewing and add bulk. Perform & Shine is very palatable as well as very nutritious and will help keep them interested in their food. Finally, we need to add a forage balancer and Simple Balance + takes some beating! All horses need salt so provide free access rock salt or a Simple System Salt Lick Tub which is also suitable for using outside – just tip off the rainwater. For more detailed suggestions for your young horse, contact our Feed Line: 01728 604 008 info@simplesystem.co.uk

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