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This Month on the Feed Line

20 April 2022

This month on the Feed Line we have had several people contact about their horses’ condition. It is normal and good if horses drop a little weight as they will gain weight with the grass. It is a worry if they get too light. Visible ribs and prominent hips suggest a horse could be underweight. If eating insufficient hay over winter, that gradual weight loss could become too much, so basics first – make sure your horse is getting enough hay or haylage to keep them filled up. For more serious weight loss, include soaked forage pellets with more feed value than hay. LucieNuts, Red Bag Grass Pellets, Sainfoin Pellets are all good. For even more of a boost, feed TopGain. For more suggestions specific to your horse, contact the Feed Line on 01728 604 008 or info@simplesystem.co.uk.

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