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Our NEW PRODUCT is here - but it isn't horse feed...

05 May 2023

Specialising in natural forage feeds for over 25 years, Simple System has built a reputation for putting horses at the heart of all we do. Our principle is simple – we supply the food nature intended horses to eat.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide horses with the very best nutrition for health and performance. This doesn’t stop in the feed bowl. We are pleased to confirm that we are bringing a new paddock product to the market – focused on enhancing horse’s grazing naturally, without the need for chemical fertilisers.

Introducing Natural Paddock Recovery.

Natural Paddock Recovery restores vital minerals, balances pH levels and promotes healthier grass growth.

Melody Ashcroft, of Simple System states:

‘I firmly believe in feeding my own herd as close to how nature intended as possible. I am delighted that we are able to significantly enhance our paddock range with the addition of Natural Paddock Recovery. Our new product will improve my acidic soil - helping the grass outcompete paddock pests, such as buttercups.

Natural Paddock Recovery also puts essential minerals back into the soil, enhancing the quality of the grazing, in turn giving my ponies more of the vital minerals they need to thrive.’

Natural Paddock Recovery is most effective in the spring or autumn – so now is an ideal time to apply. Simply broadcast by hand or with a standard fertiliser spinner.

To learn more about Natural Paddock Recovery, please contact the Feed Line team on 01728 604 008 or click here.

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