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Soaking Feeds

12 June 2023

Keep your horse hydrated in warm weather by feeding a soaked forage feed, such as HayCare or Lucie Nuts. We strongly suggest all pelleted forages are soaked to minimise the risk of choke. But there are many other benefits to soaking, including: 1) Replace hydration: Fresh grass is 70-80% water. Once dried and pelleted this is reduced to around 10%. Soaking feeds restores natural hydration and aids digestion. 2) Dilute stomach acid: A soaked feed will dilute stomach acid, helping to protect against gastric issues. 3) Increase feed volume: An increase in feed volume reduces the rate of intake and extends eating time. More chewing generates more saliva, helping to neutralise stomach acid. Soaked feeds are very palatable but need to be fresh. Feed within 12 hours of adding the water and keep in a cool, dry area. Use an amount of water that suits your horse. Some love a soup, others prefer more of a crumble texture. Don’t let the requirement for soaking put you off feeding the very best to your horses. For advice on which soaked forage pellet is best for your horse, please contact our Feed Line on 01728 604 008 or email info@simplesystem.co.uk.

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