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Pure English Organic Salt Lick Bucket

25 May 2011

The warmer the weather and the more work the horse does, the greater his need for salt and what easier way to provide it than with our economical and convenient Salt Bucket. Our salt has not come far, just from Cheshire so no long slog from Asia or the Americas! The 10 kg solid chunk of salt is moulded into a tough and flexible feed skip, so when it is used up you have a free feed bowl! The plain white salt is blended with a little magnesium which helps to keep it hard and resistant to dissolving in the rain. It is approved for use in Organic systems.


Horses’ sweat is saltier than their blood, so the more they sweat the more salt they lose and this lick is an ideal way to allow the horse to keep himself topped up. If your horse is on a forage based diet with lucerne, such as Green Gold or Lucie Nuts, with a Simple System Ltd balancer such as Total Eclipse, the diet itself will provide plenty of calcium, potassium and magnesium. These are the other main electrolytes, so the only top up needed is sodium and chloride – good old salt! Expensive electrolyte mixes? No need! Just leave a Pure English Organic Salt Lick Bucket in the paddock or stable. When your horse is out competing, offer a choice between plain water and salty water which has a tablespoon of salt in each gallon/5 litres.

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