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Forage for horses

Forage for horses...

02 February 2024

We've gained a large number of new customers recently so thought we would let you know a little more about us and how our feeds are different...
Established in 1996, the origins of Simple System lie in a passion for horses and a desire to provide them with the best possible diet for health and performance. The principle is simple, we provide you with the food nature intended your horse to eat.
Better for your horse... Historically, your horse's natural diet was simple. Equines have evolved over 30 million years eating the grass, herbs and shrubs available to them in their natural environment. Starchy foods such as cereals, pulses and soya were not available and so not part of the diet. Such ingredients cannot be efficiently utilised by horses who produce so little of the enzyme amylase required to digest them.
Starch from cereals, for instance, is digested in the stomach, where microbes convert the starch to acid which in turn can increase the risk of gastric ulcers in horses. Undigested starch will move to the hindgut, where microbial fermentation causes acid. This can cause a higher risk of hindgut acidosis, colic and laminitis. 
Horses are designed to eat a mainly fibrous diet, low in soluble carbohydrates, so our feeds are based on this principle. A good quality forage diet will ensure your horse has enough energy stored in the muscles to sustain them during work, but not become over excited and unmanageable.
We provide a wide range of forage feeds, covering a variety of plant sources, product formats and energy levels. With this we can offer a suitable species appropriate diet to support all horses, from happy hackers to high level competition and endurance horses.
Simpler for you... Forage feeds are fermented in the hind gut, just like grass and hay, which means you do not need to withhold food around work. This can help make the most of your time at the yard, especially in the winter months when daylight hours are limited. Feeding directly before work (known as Target Feeding), lines and protects the stomach, This provides a steady release of targeted energy to fuel the work required and keeps your horse focused and comfortable. 
A high quality forage based diet does not require any additional supplementation, such as artificial vitamins and minerals, because the feed itself supplies the horse's needs. The only exception being salt. We offer a handy Salt Lick Tub or Summer Salt which can be added to food or water.
As easy as 1,2,3! Typically, we use a 1,2,3 feeding system to give the best result for your horse, suggesting a pellet, a chop and a balancer. The pellet which is fed soaked as a mash, provides the base of your feed. The chop adds texture and encourages chewing. The balancer complements your feed, grazing and hay. 
For elderly or dentally challenged horses, omit the chop on favour of easy to eat soaked pellets.
Free from... You will not find any bulkers or fillers in our feeds, only high quality functional ingredients. Our entire range is free from molasses, cereals, straw, soya, additives and preservatives. Additionally, all of our feeds are GM free and are registered with the Vegan Society.
Product quality... We are committed to producing the highest quality of feeds, all of which are;
  • BETA NOPS approved 
  • UFAS accredited
  • Vegan Society approved 
  • Soil Association accredited with our organic range
Environmental commitment... We have a strong commitment to protecting the environment that provides us with our feed ingredients. Wherever possible we actively work to reduce our carbon footprint and are committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing of all our ingredients and our 100% recyclable packaging. Our office, production facility and warehouse are all powered by green energy from an anaerobic digester (AD plant).
Here to help... Our Feed Line nutrition experts are horse owners who are passionate about all things forage feeding. Our friendly advisors are happy to help from product questions to complete personalised feed plans. Get in touch on 01728 604 008 or complete our online form.

Featured Products

Premium high fibre quick-soaking Timothy grass for horses and ponies unable to eat hay.


A salt lick in a flexible tub for all horses & ponies, providing sodium & a top up of magnesium.


A natural source of European rock salt, for adding to feed or water, helping to replenish salts lost in work or travelling.


A high fibre Timothy Grass chop. Harvested at a mature stage for naturally low sugars.


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