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Best balancer for old horse

Veteran Balance +

15 February 2024

Q. What are the ingredients?

A. Veteran Balance + has been carefully formulated and contains just 7 ingredients, all of which are functional for horses.

  • Sainfoin - the base forage, naturally high in nutrients and condensed tannins which can aid the absorption of protein. It also adds variety and supports gut function.
  • Cooked full fat linseed - an oil source with anti-inflammatory properties, having the optimal balance of essential omega oils.
  • Seaweed meal - providing natural vitamins and amino acids to support the coat, hooves and overall health.
  • Stabilised dried yeast - a natural prebiotic, rich in B-group vitamins, aiding the absorption of nutrients.
  • Sodium chloride – salt is essential in for all horses to maintain electrolyte balance.
  • Spearmint – aids digestion and supports gut function.

Did you know? With the exclusion of rosehips, we sell all of these ingredients as straights. It is however, the amounts of each ingredient that make all the difference when it comes to results. Too little of one ingredient and it can't function as intended, too much and the horse cannot utilise it well. Veteran Balance + has been carefully formulated by our Director of Nutrition to give the very best results.

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