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Instant Linseed - Horse Feed of the Month

27 July 2011

August is a funny old month because although it is still summer, the nights are noticeably drawing in and this lets our horses know that autumn and winter are on the way. Result? They are already starting to think about changing their coats! This is fine for most of us – we welcome nature’s way of keeping our horses cosy in the cold weather. The coat change can be helped by increasing the amount of linseed we give our horses and Simple System Ltd Instant Linseed is a great way to do this. This time of year is Blackberry time when no horse, allegedly, looks well, but that little bit of extra Instant Linseed will ensure your horse sails through late summer and autumn looking good throughout.


If you are planning on doing late shows or have qualified for the end of season spectacular, the Horse Of the Year Show, you will want to hang on to a shiny summer coat as long as possible. Leave the stable lights on until bedtime, to counter the effects of shortening days, and make good use of Instant Linseed to get the best possible shine and inner glow.


It will not be long before some owner swill be getting their horses clipped and the difference when they are on Instant Linseed  is amazing! The clippers go through the coat much easier and stay sharp for longer. Clipping is quicker and the result looks much better.


Simple System Ltd Instant Linseed is like no other! Beware of cheaper imitations! Only our Instant Linseed is grown by UK farmers we know and trust, using varieties we have approved for their correct balance of omega 3 oils and overall good quality. Use of chemicals is minimised and by supporting local farmers with high ideals, we reduce the use of fossil fuels in transport. It is totally traceable, right to the fields it was grown in. The best is not the cheapest but then the best never is! High standards of quality control at every stage ensure it really is the best and any that does not meet our standards, from the field through to cooking, is rejected. And our dedicated, experienced helpline is always there for you, to help you make the right choice for your horse.

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