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Pure Garlic Granules: Now in 1kg Packs!

16 August 2011

Our high quality, 100% Pure Garlic Granules are now available in a convenient and economical 1kg pack.  Garlic is a really useful herb, credited with many properties including its effect on infections and in thinning the blood.  Plenty of people have reported that it keeps away flies (the jury is out on vampires…) and it has been shown scientifically to help expel mucus from the airways. (M.T. Saastamoinen et al, Finland, 2010).  As with all good things it is possible to have too much, so in the light of this recent research, we suggest that horses have no more than 10g per day of garlic and ponies, 5g.  It is probably sensible to give a horse on long-term garlic a break of a few weeks a couple of times a year.
The price per day on a 1kg bag is only 5p!

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