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alfalfa chaff for horses

Lucerne chops

03 May 2024

At Simple System, we use the British term lucerne for this amazing forage others also use the American term, alfalfa. As our lucerne is entirely GM free and produced specifically for horses, we feel it has different properties from that grown in America. American alfalfa can have a very different nutritional profile such as higher sugar levels and much contains genetically modified (GM) ingredients. Thus, we feel information from America about alfalfa does not fully tally with our experience of lucerne grown in the UK and Northern Europe.

When our lucerne crop is harvested, it is chopped and quickly dried. When it is packaged as it comes, it’s LucieChop, so it is just as the original crop – leaves, stems, flowers. The leaves are the most nutritious part, but are very fragile and easily crushed, creating a fine, green meal, which may become airborne. Dampening with water overcomes this. For some people this creates an issue as it is less pleasant to handle. Some other companies add molasses or oil to retain these small leaf particles within the feed. At Simple System, we use fresh, cold pressed linseed oil, as this offers the same, unique, high level of essential omega 3 as natural pasture and adds valuable nutrition and calories. Look for Build & Shine 

Not all horses need lots of calories! So, for these horses and ponies, we use certified organic lucerne, remove much of the leaf material, reducing the amount of feed left by around 40%. This leaves a high quality, high fibre, low calorie feed – Organic Lucie Stalks. The leaf that has been separated is a valuable, high protein, high calorie feed which doesn't go to waste as it can be used in feeds for horses with high requirements, such as TopGain .

Simple System chopped lucerne feeds can be low calorie – Organic Lucie Stalks – higher nutrition – LucieChop – or highest nutrition, Build & Shine. Easy!

Featured Products

A nutrient rich, premium lucerne chop with fresh cold pressed linseed oil.


Premium lucerne chop, naturally high in calcium & protein to support muscles & bones.


Sieved lucerne chop ideal for all equines, especially those looking to lose weight.


A blend of highly nutritious, natural ingredients for a convenient, nutrient rich, top up feed.


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