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Grass Pellets for horses

Spring grass, summer grass, mature grass - is it all the same?

03 May 2024

At Simple System we think grass can be great for all horses, but before those with laminitis prone horses stop reading, let’s clear up some common misconceptions.

All grass is the same. No, no, no it isn’t! Whether the grass is in the paddock, or from a feed bag, it can vary greatly. Nutrition levels differ from season to season and even from night to day. 

Spring grass is the most nutritious. It has the highest energy levels (calories) and in a typical growing season has good levels of protein. It’s nature’s way of helping horses recover from weight loss they would have endured in the winter. It also provides well for mares, their nursing foals and stallions, who all require additional calories during the breeding season. 

Red Bag Grass Pellets are essentially like spring grazing in a bag. They are high in useful, digestible energy. This makes them an excellent choice for hard working competition and racehorses, as well as for breeding stock and their offspring. 

Summer grazing is also nutritious, but it is less calorie dense than spring grass. It is lower in sugar, low in starch and is more fibrous. Blue Bag Grass Pellets offer the equivalent of summer grazing and are ideal for light and medium work and for improving / maintaining condition. They suit almost all horses and are a year round best-seller.

Mature grass that has been allowed to grow to the ‘hay stage’ is typically very high in fibre, low in sugar and low in starch making it a far better option for those prone to weight gain and laminitis.

HayCare and Timothy Chop are both 100% mature cut Timothy grass - both are suitable for good doers and metabolic horses.

Short, stressed or continually grazed grass has a high sugar to fibre ratio. This is why we should try to avoid turning out laminitis-prone horses on such pasture. Long grass is generally a far better and far safer option.

HayCare, although most commonly used as a hay replacer for those who struggle to chew hay, can be fed to provide bulk before turnout. This can be a great solution for good doers who would normally gorge on short, sugary grass. As HayCare is fed soaked there is also the added benefit of being able to provide hydration. Very useful in the warmer months! Another option is to place piles of hay out in the paddock. Spreading the piles into different locations encourages natural foraging behaviours and movement - ideal for those whose weight needs managing.

Still unsure which to choose? Our Feed Line will be happy to help, call 01728 604 008 or complete our advice request form here.

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