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alfalfa chaff for horses

How to feed Simple System Lucie Chop

13 May 2024

How to feed LucieChop - our uncoated 100% pure lucerne (alfalfa) chop, rich in protein and calcium.
LucieChop is suitable for...
  • Supporting muscles & bones
  • Feeding dampened
  • Improving stamina
Simple System Feed Line Advisor, Ellen, shows us how she makes up Maisie's LucieChop below...
Tip | LucieChop is natural and additive free. Fine leaf material may be present, which is important to maintain the excellent nutritional profile of the feed. We recommend feeding LucieChop dampened (as seen in the video), soaked or mixed with soaked forage pellets. For a chop that is more pleasant to handle consider Build & Shine - our premium lucerne chop with fresh cold pressed linseed oil.
If you'd like to discuss your horse's diet with Ellen, or another member of the Simple System Feed Line team, please call 01728 604 008. Alternatively, complete our online advice request form by clicking here.

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