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Meadow Forage Pellets for horses gut microbes

Meadow Forage Pellets - FAQs

21 May 2024

We are excited to introduce our NEW Meadow Forage Pellets | A nutritious blend of easily digestible forages, grown together, to increase variety in the diet. 

Here are our most frequently asked questions about our unique new horse feed...

Q. Can I add Meadow Forage Pellets to my horse's existing diet? A. Yes! This is a great way to enrich your horse's diet, providing extra variety to support beneficial gut microbes.

Q. How should you feed Meadow Forage Pellets? A. Meadow Forage Pellets can be fed alone or in addition to your horse's existing diet, for example with a Simple System chop and balancer. We recommend soaking in 2.5 times their volume of water until free from hard lumps. Meadow Forage Pellets are also suitable for use in treat balls or as training aids. Watch our video guide below.

Q. What are the nutrition / energy levels? A. Meadow Forage Pellets are a high fibre feed with medium digestible energy levels (calories). The full nutritional specification range can be found online here.

Q. Are there any additives like molasses or soya? A. No. Like all Simple System feeds, Meadow Forage Pellets are free from cereals, molasses, soya, straw, additives and preservatives. Meadow Forage Pellets are also GM free and registered with the Vegan society.

Q. What's in the bag? 

  • Grass | Two types of grass, tall and meadow fescue, for high quality fibre.
  • Sainfoin | A source of condensed tannins for enhanced gut health.
  • Birdsfoot trefoil | For variety and digestive support.
  • Chicory | Adding flavour and additional microbial support.

Q. How / where is this feed produced? A. The ingredients in Meadow Forage Pellets are grown together in our farmer's fields right here in the UK. This supports British agriculture, enhances soil health and helps to provide food for our pollinators - as well as for our horses!

Q. Are Meadow Forage Pellets suitable for metabolic issues? A. If your horse is prone to metabolic issues or laminitis we have lower calorie feeds available which may be better suited - including MetaSlimOrganic Lucie Stalks & Sainfoin Fibre Pellets.

For any further questions, or for free  horse feeding advice, please contact our Feed Line team on 01728 604 008, or complete our advice request form.

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A nutritious blend of easily digested forages, grown together, to increase variety in the diet.


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