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Brewers yeast for horses

Brewers' Yeast for Horses

31 May 2024

Yeast is an amazing feed for horses (and humans too!). This cream-coloured microscopic organism grows almost everywhere and is responsible for the bloom on fruit such as grapes and sloes in the hedgerows. It is used commercially to brew beer, ferment wine and in bread making.

When it comes to feeding horses, yeast is very nutritious as it is an excellent source of B group vitamins and high-quality protein as well as a range of trace elements. Traditional Brewers Yeast supports good gut microbes (Simple System's yeast is stabilised so will not alter the balance of these beneficial microbes) and can even help eliminate undesirable ones. It is held to benefit nerve function, it can aid digestion and can help anxious horses to settle. Due to its high nutrition, it is also good for broodmares and growing youngsters. So much packed into just one feed ingredient! No wonder so many horses benefit from it, especially those without full time access to diverse pastures and hedgerows.

At Simple System we include yeast in our range of forage balancers. We also offer Traditional Brewers Yeast as a straight horse feed, in three different sizes - 1kg, 5kg and 25kg. 

To discuss yeast in your horse's diet please contact our equine nutrition team on 01728 604 008 or complete our feeding advice request form, for a free Feed Plan.


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This natural source of B vitamins & amino acids is beneficial to all horses, particularly those with behavioural problems.


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