LucieBrix & MeadowBrix - Horse Feed of the Month December 2012

01 December 2012

When grazing is in short supply, bring grazing into the stable with our Brix. These compressed 1 kg blocks of forage should be fed whole and dry for your horse to gnaw on. Great boredom buster and a chance to get rid of some anger as well! They can be fed any time, and as with all our feeds, they are free from straw.

MeadowBrix are compressed blocks of mainly Timothy grass. Each block is around 1 kg in weight, so portion control is easy. You just give the m to the horse as they come, and your horse will enjoy getting his teeth into them. It gives them a satisfying gnaw and imitates grazing more closely than any other feed we know. You can use this amazing feed as a treat, a very quick and easy small meal replacer, late night top up or to replace some of the hay ration. Two MeadowBrix are equivalent to a good slice of hay from a normal small bale.

LucieBrix are similar but made from lucerne instead of grass. They have more protein and slightly higher feed value, but are lower in sugars. They are another high fibre feed and particularly good if your horse is sensitive to sugars or grass. They are also an ideal choice if ulcers are a concern, as the chewing and gnawing help to generate plenty of saliva and the feed itself buffers acid in the stomach and the caecum.

Two innovative feeds that will do your horse good as well providing some occupational therapy at a time of year when he needs it most. Or any time for that matter!

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