Georgie Wood Blog 4: Another quick update

Blog 4: Another quick update

Posted by Georgie Wood on 18 March 2013
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After I had finished my two weeks work experience in London, it was time to come back to reality.. And I could not wait to be back outside mucking around with horses all day! Once I finished I declared 'I would rather be outside in the rain every day than work in an office..' however I am living to regret that statement as I don't think there has been a dry day since - that was three weeks ago!!

However on the 3rd of March we headed to Munstead with the 3 of them for Combined Training. It was great to give them all an outing on grass before we started eventing. I thought that Lily would be mad having not been competed outdoors, let alone on grass since Larkhill, but she was great and did two lovely tests. She is becoming more and more consistent and settled every time. She jumped a foot perfect clear in the BE100 and finished on her dressage of 31.5 to win the class! She is feeling and looking absolutely fantastic, and I think credit has to be given to Simple System feeds who have helped me get her feeding right, to give her enough energy but without letting her put on weight, and I think we have found the balance! 
Punch was probably the cheekiest being out on grass and had one random bucking fit for what appeared to be no particular reason.. But being an overgrown pony he just makes me laugh - which makes him very cross! However he also did two very nice tests, getting 69% in the Novice test. He got a 34.5 in the BE100 dressage which was about right as he was a little tense at times. The jumping was a bit unfortunate as I was last to jump and they were waiting for us so I has to rush a few fences and go in, which doesn't really work with Punch as he needs time to settle. This resulted in him having the 2nd and 3rd fences down. But he settled after that and jumped a lovely clear the rest of the way over what I thought was a decent enough track for BE100.
Coco was last of the day and he is so sweet, he stands in the lorry all day waiting for his turn. When it comes he pricks his ears and off he goes! Such a pleasure to have! He was doing the Novice Combined Training and the Intermediate test. Following on from the others he also did a lovely test in both classes to get 32.5 in the Novice, which he then went and jumped a slightly tense but good clear round which left us in 3rd place and 64.1% in the intermediate dressage to win! So a good day all round and a huge thank you to the organisers as there were a lot of horses there and it ran like clockwork!!

We were meant to be at Tweseldown last weekend, and although the organisers did there very best the ground was really wet. Coco we only entered thinking it would be the only place we may get a run all spring if it stays wet - so he didn't need to run anyway. Punch gets stuck in the ground quite easily and then takes a long time to recover so we didn't want to risk him. Lily is still inexperienced and we didn't want to scare her just as she has got going so didn't run her either which was a real shame as the course was really lovely.

Instead we headed off to Felbridge Combined Training on Saturday with the three of them. Punch and Lily were in the BE100 and Coco in the Novice. Lily did another much more consistent test and although there are many areas to improve still it is generally much better and she scored 31.5. Punch also did a really good test, despite pretending to be terrified of the fillers piled in one corner of the arena. He scored 33 which was about fair I think. They then both jumped great clears. Lily jumped  clear despite a lot of bucking and squeeling! You would think she hadn't been out in months! Coco did one of the best tests I thought he had ever done and mum agreed, but unfortunately - as is the way with dressage - the judge didn't agree and he got a harsh 37.5. But the point is we are becoming more and more of a partnership as time goes on and we will get there in the end! He then jumped really well, especially considering a moorhen decided to walk under the first fence as we were coming towards it and stay there as poor Coco jumped it - but he did jump it! Unfortunately he just tapped one fence which fell very late, but apart from that he jumped really well so I am really pleased with the outing. We are going showjumping on Saturday and are supposed to be at Somerley on Tuesday and Goring on Friday week, but I can't see that happening with the weather as it is. Why can't the weather just be dry - it is getting very boring now as I am sure you will all agree!!

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