Indispensabelle (Indy) Blog 3: Going down with something?

Blog 3: Going down with something?

Posted by Indispensabelle (Indy) on 22 February 2013
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Nasal discharge (which she has had a bit of for a while now) was a bit worse this morning and she hadn't eaten any feed overnight. Decided to send some blood off for tests and give her a gentle day with just a steady canter on the all weather. Heart rate before, during and recovery all what they should be, and blood tests came back same day as all normal. Weightape still 440kg ish yesterday and temperature 38.2, so also in the normal range still, but something doesn't seem right with her!

Indy was going to go to Gallagher's gallops today, in preparation for a possible first race on 2nd March, but her coughing and discharge made it unwise and with blood tests all normal, very strange. Coughs mainly during the warm-up trot. Christie riding today and again very settled and relaxed, with the best looking trot yet. Strangely low heart rate during trot and initial canter circuits - bizarre, but the graphs look genuine.

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