Rebecca Kinnarney Blog 10: The boy does it again!

Blog 10: The boy does it again!

Posted by Rebecca Kinnarney on 04 September 2013

At Cirencester Park yesterday, Rigel did his first 65km yesterday (which turned out to be nearer 68km) and he was absolutely brilliant!. I couldn't have asked for a better ride.

A lot of his training has been about understanding how he ticks, when he needs to ease up and when he can push on. The hours at home have definitely paid off. He has benefited hugely from having Instant Linseed. I've been increasing the quantity in the lead up to the ride and I think it was an enormous help with his energy levels. He just didn't seem to flag at all. 

The picture shows him cantering for the line. He wasn't going to let the horse we'd been riding with overtake him. Bodes very well for his race rides!

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