Angela Gladding Blog 5: Onwards and Upwards

Blog 5: Onwards and Upwards

Posted by Angela Gladding on 16 September 2013

Times have been a bit difficult recently, but horses are a serious leveller and they help you to forget about all the harder things in life, even if its only for a short space of time.  Being without transport is very hard for me, having to rely on other people and having to constantly be asking for lifts, but we will get there eventually.   I have a very lovely client (and friend) who has kindly offered me their horsebox to use whilst their daughter is away for a year, which has given me back some independence at last. 

Finally Jupiter has been out competing again on the weekend, scoring a huge 72.67% in the Novice class and 67.45% in the Novice qualifier meaning he only needs 1 more point from a qualifier before hes qualified for the Winter Regionals at Novice Open.  He is out doing his first 2 elementaries in a couple of weeks time, so fingers crossed they go well. 

I unfortunately was catapulted backwards off a 4yr old the day before I was due to compete Jupiter, so I was very sore having whiplash, concussion and a bruised back, but lots of pain killers thankfully got me through the day!

My lovely sales livery is going very well and we are hoping to find her a new home shortly, she loves her Simple System feed of soaked LucieNuts, PuraBeet and Instant Linseed and looks amazing on it having put on a super amount of condition in a short space of time.  The owner is very pleased with how well she looks and so am I.

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