Sophie Beaveridge Blog 3: En route to Tattersalls

Blog 3: En route to Tattersalls

Posted by Sophie Beaveridge on 29 May 2014

It's been a quieter month for us, which has been mainly focused on recovery and packing...

Unfortunately I was taken on holiday over Easter- so inconvenient and inconsiderate of my step brother to be getting married in Australia, and invite us too stay for two weeks. Slash I loved it, obviously. However, I was too cocky when it came to jet lag. Turns out if you go back to teaching teenagers about Tennyson, merely hours after landing from a 25hour flight...well you're going to burn out. So my recovery from jet lag was horrendous, and was the reason behind me withdrawing from Rockingham OI; I was still a day-sleeper for about a fortnight, which isn't so safe when going XC.

Rockingham was the only competition I was entered up for in between Belton CIC** and Tattersalls CCI**, but I managed to fit in some BSJA on a ticket, in between my naps and essay marking! We found a lovely big outdoor arena just outside of Oxford, where we had two double clears around the Newcomers and Foxhunters. Luckily I'm also based insanely close to Tweseldown, so we got in some XC schooling on the sandy ground. Aside from that, it's all been about getting his majesty fit (he's looking fab-very fit and ready to go!). We use some all-weather gallops in Bramshill, so no matter what weather we're delivered, I can still fit in my interval training. I've been warned that Tattersalls CCI** is a long course, so I wanted to be on three lots of 8 minute canters, with 3 minute walks in between. 

By the time this blog goes live, I'll be in the middle of a field in Ireland- hopefully not getting rained on too much! I do my dressage test on Friday, then XC on Saturday and I show jump on Sunday. Sorting out my trot up outfit is currently the biggest drama. If all goes well, I'll be aiming for an Advanced and CIC*** later in the year- but we've got to get over this hurdle with an MER first though!
You can watch the action at Tattersalls at

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