Extension of Van Delivery Areas

06 March 2006
Simple System Ltd - Delivery Van

As we help create more and more Simple System Ltd franchises, so the area covered by van deliveries increases. However these are not the only benefits. Behind a franchise van delivery lies a trained franchisee able to advise on feeds and feeding. In turn, the franchisee can call on our assistance for any queries they do not feel able to answer.

It is anticipated that your local franchisee will plan activities in your area in order to enable you to understand more fully all aspects of your horse’s environment and management. You should feel free to point out any facets of your horse’s relationship to its food, environment and work that you like to know more about. If there is enough interest in a particular area of equine interest, we will organise an appropriate meeting or other means to disseminate information.

So to get you started please go to the “How To Order” page on the website and put your entire postcode into the box provided and press return to ascertain whether you have a franchisee in your area and to reveal their contact details.

If on doing so you are given either of the Simple System Ltd office contact details please feel free to contact us to find out how our plans for your area are progressing.


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