Lee Frawley Blog 6: NEARLY THERE!


Posted by Lee Frawley on 18 August 2014

I write this blog with only 4 days before we leave for France and the World Equestrian Games!  The past month has been a flurry of forms and more forms … tinged with a certain amount of frustration at spending so much time on admin and  not being able to concentrate on my riding -   but now it seems like we have turned a corner -  stabling. arrival details, ferry booking, hotel booking, grooms accommodation, accreditation,photos, catering packs, music editing, courtesy car booking, export papers, health certificate… not to mention definite entries - just a few of the details to be dealt with and part of the reason my head has been in a spin the past few weeks but now its all done!    I hope!!

All that is manageable at the end of the day because the most important thing is that Rhapsody is fit and well!!  Rhaps is now in Kent with trainer Andrew J Murphy for the final week's training.  This whole journey has once again been as a result of a huge amount of support from friends and supporters as well as Simple System  Horse Feeds - without whom I could not be even contemplating the next 2 weeks!  Although I know most people in the UK will be cheering on team GB  - I hope you will spare a cheer for the rider from the USVI!  

Next Tuesday I will be trotting into the arena in Caen for my first test of the World Equestrian Games - on my birthday - wish me luck! x

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