New Product: MetaSlim

06 July 2007

A high specification, balanced feed developed by our Director of Nutrition in consultation with a leading veterinary surgeon. The latest research into equine metabolism, pituitary function and hoof health has been combined with findings from new developments in the field of human blood sugar studies. The result is MetaSlim, a carefully sourced and balanced complementary feed to optimize blood sugar levels, insulin effectiveness and metabolic rate.


We suggest that this feed is appropriate for horses and ponies which are prone to laminitis, overweight, have fat pads or crests and appear depressed. MetaSlim will support hormonal balance and maintain the healthy functioning of the pituitary gland.

Every ingredient is natural and in combination will optimise blood sugar levels, metabolic rate and aid digestion. The ideal ratio of Calcium to Magnesium has been achieved. Herbs and spices included are all human food grade. The widest spectrum of trace elements is in a bio-available form for maximum benefit and includes zinc, chromium, copper and selenium. Contains naturally-occurring carotene (Vitamin A), Vitamin E, B complex Vitamins and very high levels of natural anti-oxidants.

It does not contain any drugs, prohibited substances, fillers, artificial flavourings nor any products or by products of cereal or pulses production. There are no molasses or any artificial preservatives.

Customer Testimonials:

Overweight Connemara x:

“From 26th of April to 17th May on MetaSlim and PuraBeet Mabel lost 20kg, 3cm from her girth and stopped itching.”

Shetland pony:

“We struggled for years with my Shetland’s feet and felt there was nothing more we could do. But now he is on MetaSlim he has cheered up no end and we are very happy with his progress”.


Forage leaf, full fat oilseed, stabilised yeast, spice, Ascophyllum nodosum, herbal mint, magnesium salts

Suggested feeding rate:

100g per 100 kg bodyweight.

Method of use:

Divide the MetaSlim into 2 feeds and mix with an equal volume of LucieStalk or soaked PuraBeet or dampen and feed.



Feed with late cut hay, low sugar/high fibre haylage or suitable grazing. Please consult our helpline if your horse or pony is dentally challenged and cannot eat long fibre.

When the horse or pony is able to resume work, and additional feeding is required, use only Simple System Ltd feeds free from all additives, preservatives, cereals, pulses and molasses.

If you would like further information about using this or any other products we are always happy to discuss your horse or pony and his needs via email or our helpline 01728 604 008 or 01371 870 753.TEST

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