Nicola Pimbblet Blog 4: It's Official!

Blog 4: It's Official!

Posted by Nicola Pimbblet on 26 August 2014

August has brought a lot of excitement on the announcement that we have made the British Team, we are 1 of 3 in the team. We will be travelling out to Hungary mid September for the World Championships in single horse carriage driving. What a year this has been, Royston is just coming into his own now, so hopefully he will be peaking in fitness just at the right time.

Our schedule up until then is 2 sessions a week of canter/fitness work in the carriage, dressage training 2 to 3 times a week, then ending the week with a nice hack out for him. Whilst we are at home Royston is only on 3 small feeds a day as he has plenty of turnout. We will be upping his feeds once we are ready to set off. Currently he is on Simply Complete, Total Eclipse, GreenGold and Red Bag Grass Pellets

Thank you once again to you all at Simple Systems horse feed, your advice and expertise on feeding the competition horse has helped us achieve our goal!!!!

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