Sophie Beaveridge Blog 6: An unexpected break

Blog 6: An unexpected break

Posted by Sophie Beaveridge on 28 August 2014

Safe to say Topper and I didn't make it to Wellington OI. 

I was rushed in to hospital to have some (unplanned) surgery on the 14th August - all fine now and recovering well, but no gym or riding until October half term for me! So Topper's been given a bit of a holiday and we're no longer aiming for another CIC** at South of England to end the season...

However, I can WALK (yippee!)... so I walked Wellington Advanced twice (fingers crossed for next year!) as my only 'allowed' exercise, before working on the collecting ring for the SJ. It distracted me ever so slightly from my boredom, in a way Netflix never could. Absolutely itching to get on Topper again, but I know I need to rest. 

Topper's already marveling in his freedom, but we're managing this carefully with his feed; he's still on his Total Eclipse and GreenGold but we've moved on to Blue Bag Grass Pellets, whereas he competes on the Red Bag Grass Pellets. He just doesn't need the extra energy, when he's farting around in the field. 

Lots of rest, then winter SJ and some more Dressage Anywhere tests lie ahead for us - so not much of an update until October/November from me. Over and Out.

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