Charlie Avent Blog 3: Another demo and book launch approaching!

Blog 3: Another demo and book launch approaching!

Posted by Charlie Avent on 06 October 2014

Hello everyone!

Spirit and I are really excited about our book launch at the end of this month especially since Simple System horse feeds are going to have a stand there!

I'm really impressed having ordered Simple System LucieBrix and Salt Lick Tub for Spirit to enjoy whilst waiting to go into demos and recommend it for all horses and ponies!

Recently I have done another demo for Cotswold Riding For The Disabled in Cheltenham where Spirit was my hero even though she did ask to flirt with a handsome horse called Strider she is a typical teenage mare! We were both delighted that our friend Sheila offered to help out and bring some of her Horse Agility apparatus and had great fun telling our story and showing people our relationship through navigating various obstacles before doing a question and answer session then a book signing! We had a great turn out of around 30 to 40 people and they were a wonderful audience!

I'm writing this blog from wonderful Wales where I'm visiting my friends and advising the Welsh Government Autism Strategy group about common issues that affect many of us both on and off the autism spectrum.

My next demo is up north in County Durham for the local Riding For The Disabled group at The Riding Centre For Special People on November the 29th and 30th which I am extremely excited about it since I've never been to Durham before! One of Kelly Marks' instructors is even kindly lending me her round pen for the demo too so I'm extra happy and excited!

My next blog will be full of the book launch and photos of Spirit and I and her biggest fan, horse whisperer Monty Roberts! Thank you all for your amazing support and remember: "I never had learning difficulties I had educational difficulties".

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