Charlie Avent Blog 4: Book Launch

Blog 4: Book Launch

Posted by Charlie Avent on 04 November 2014

Hello everyone,
Spirit and I had a blast at our book launch for 'Following The Hoofprints' sponsored by our amazing sponsors and friends at Simple System horse feeds. I think the highlight of that day Saturday, 25 October 2014 at Cheltenham racecourse was probably when Monty Roberts the original horse whisperer arrived with my course tutor Kelly Marks and began remarking on how well behaved and well trained Spirit was not to mention how beautiful she looked!

I really enjoyed the whole event not least because Monty Roberts decided to take Spirit around the horse agility course just after my little demonstration then we all had tea and cake and had our pictures taken for the local press and for Horse Magazine!
I was really pleased with the fantastic turnout and the fantastic support for my book that there has been so far since it has now sold over 360 copies all over the world from Amazon since its release in July! Spirit seems to have loved her gift of LucieMints from the Simple System horse feeds stand and I really enjoyed meeting Rachel from the team! The only thing that made me sad was packing up to go home again afterwards but it seems that things are only getting more busy for Spirit and I in the future!

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