Lee Frawley Blog 11: Making Plans

Blog 11: Making Plans

Posted by Lee Frawley on 19 January 2015

As we start a new year there is plenty to look forward to in 2015. It has been quiet on the competition and training front for the past couple of months for us  but Rhapsody and I have been keeping up with our fitness and suppling  work and Rhaps is looking and feeling great.  He is a bit wooly but a full beauty treatment is booked for him when I get back from my visit to the Virgin Islands. While there I am hoping to meet  up with friends and  supporters along with the pony club not to mention the VI Equestrian Association/National Paralympic Committee president Regine Fitzner.   

While I am away Georgina Wood, another Simple System sponsored rider, is going to ride Rhaps  when she can between university and riding her own horses…  The plan is  Rhaps and I should be ready to hit the road running when I return at the beginning of February.

My primary ambition for this year will be to qualify for Rio and with three international competitions in the UK - rather than just the one as in previous years -  potentially the first step towards qualification should be achievable. From then on I will have to see  how fund raising, sponsorship and any assistance from the  Virgin Islands takes shape over the coming months.  Despite not having the significant financial backing that other riders do, I am in the fortunate position that - subject to qualification and the necessary good luck always essential with horses - I do not have to fight for a place on the team as so many others competing for the bigger nations have to and therefore a place in Rio is potentially more 'achievable' than for many other riders. My partnership with Rhaps over the past couple of years puts me in a much stronger starting point than 4 years ago when I began my qualifying campaign for London on borrowed horses! This year looks to be yet another exciting one! Bring it on!!

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