Charlie Avent Blog 7: Exciting news

Blog 7: Exciting news

Posted by Charlie Avent on 25 February 2015

Hi everybody, I thought I would write my latest blog as the weather seems to be starting to warm up for the moment and Spirit and I have managed to get out for a ride for once instead of being stuck in a muddy field! We were delighted almost to the point of being speechless to discover at the beginning of this year that our wonderful sponsors Simple System want to help us by donating the last bit of money for the trailer fund and finishing it so we can get the desperately needed horse trailer for my autism awareness and anti-bullying campaign! Spirit seems in good spirits and seems in reasonable health despite the best efforts of the awful weather we have had and we have been riding out and playing in the field together over the last few weeks...

We hope we will have the trailer sorted soon and be able to show it off to everybody everywhere!
Best wishes Charlie and Spirit

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