Lee Frawley Blog 13: ON YOUR MARKS!


Posted by Lee Frawley on 23 March 2015

Get set…GO!   

Life is getting busy… luckily at the right time with the days getting longer at last - and warmer too!   There has been lots to do… from getting entries in for Belgium, writing  bios for the Virgin Islands fund raising efforts, re-working our freestyle test and not least going to our first competition since last October!  Rhapsody was very excited at going to a party - even though he has been out for schooling sessions. He was very lively but I tried to use his energy to my advantage.  Rhapsody looked and felt fantastic and won both his classes - most importantly with very decent scores! I also attended a excellent lecture demo featuring Dr Gerd Heuschmann,  Charles de Kunffy and Andrew J Murphy on the subject of "Riding the Stretch' which was hugely interesting,  informative not to mention inspiring and presented with their own personal brand of humour.

In the coming month we have training planned with Andrew J Murphy along with more competitions (will try to get some photos next time!) - AND a couple of sessions with Jo Davies Sport Psychology. This is something that I have talked about doing for some time and with these sessions being run locally there really is no excuse… not to mention great timing before our first international of the year in Belgium at the end of April! 

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