Charlie Avent Blog 9: Badminton visit

Blog 9: Badminton visit

Posted by Charlie Avent on 22 May 2015

Hi everybody, Spirit and I are very busy here in Gloucestershire we have a lot planned for the next few years and we are really pleased with the fact that my book Following The Hoofprints has sold more than 530 copies since going on sale in July 2014! Spirit seems to be looking really good thanks to her wonderful feed from our fantastic sponsors at Simple System Horse Feeds and I have been long lining her (double line lunging) which we find our yard to be the more effective method.

I visited Badminton Horse Trials on the Wednesday for grassroots competition and met up with some of the team on the stand for Simple System it was lovely chatting and posing for photos with people and wondering around eating chips and it was generally a lovely day out.

However as soon as I got home I found myself going down with a nasty flu bug so felt quite rough for several days although luckily I had found a lovely throw from the Horseware Ireland stand to go on my sofa at home to snuggle up on and I got it £10 cheaper than I would've done normally because the people saw my logo and my smart sponsorship jacket and recognised me! 

Included is a photo of me long lining Spirit the other day.


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