Charlie Avent Blog 10: Exciting times

Blog 10: Exciting times

Posted by Charlie Avent on 23 June 2015

Spirit and I have finally plucked up the courage to start having riding lessons and learning about dressage and jumping!

In the past I have struggled with riding instructors and with riding lessons because of the many different instructions shouted at me with my autism I take things very literally and think in pictures I also struggle with the amounts of information that people often give me giving me complete overload.
We have aspirations of even competing in both of these areas both affiliated and unaffiliated ever since I was invited a few weeks ago to groom for my friend at an unaffiliated dressage competition.

Whilst I don't really have much experience of dressage and jumping I have made it my mission that I want to learn all about it and get much better with a view to incorporating it into both my demonstrations and even seeing where we can get to competing to see if that will help raise the profile of positive awareness of autism in the future.

We have a very busy schedule of demonstrations ahead starting on 1 August when we and our wonderful sponsors from Simple System Horse Feeds Will be part of the open day at our friends equine therapy Centre 'EquATA' in Northampton the open day starts at 12 and goes on finishing with music in the evening! Please come along to watch my demonstration and to get signed copies of my book Following The Hoofprints not to mention meet some of my fabulous sponsors!

Here is a photo of Spirit and I trying our hand or hooves at jumping for the first time...


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