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03 June 2008
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With the recent big increases in feed, bedding and fuel costs, all horse owners are looking for ways to economise without compromising our horses’ health and at Simple System Ltd we want to help you do just that.

Here are a few points to ponder :
• a healthy horse can save a great deal of money in vet’s bills.
• Do you really need that supplement? Mixing and matching different supplements can prove very expensive – especially if you don’t know which ones aren’t working and could be eliminated. Good quality forages such as lucerne, together with a forage balancer such as our Total Eclipse, provide all the vitamins and minerals a horse needs without having to resort to artificially-produced supplements. For example, lucerne is a good natural source of magnesium, delivering 5 times the minimum requirement but still well within safe levels. Instant Linseed is an excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant and many customers find they no longer need additional joint supplements.
• Always read the ingredients list and decide if you and your horse are getting value for money. Feeds which are bulked out with cereal by-products such as straw and wheatfeed, and/or are coated with molasses will be less beneficial to your horse than a pure, good quality forage such as grass or lucerne – and you may be able to feed less!
• Shop around for the best prices, always being careful to compare like with like. Our Pure Garlic Powder/Granules usually compare favourably with other pure garlic products. A Pure Salt Lick Bucket provides 10kg of salt in its own convenient holder at a competitive price.
• Rather than going by the price on the bag, work out exactly how much it costs per day to feed your horse – either by how long the bag lasts or by the per kilo cost. Simple System Ltd price lists show the cost per kilo of each feed. For example, PuraBeet (pure unmolassed beet pulp) is an excellent source of digestible fibre, good for putting and maintaining a layer of fat, which works out at just 42p per kilo. A daily tablespoon of Pure Ocean Seaweed – a valuable source of minerals – costs just 6p!
• Consider buying in bulk or getting together with friends to avoid delivery charges. In our van delivery areas, orders of £80 or more are delivered free and, if we deliver to you by pallet, again, a pallet of 20 items or more is free of delivery charge.
• Do make use of grass if and when you have it but be aware of the risk of laminitis and, if possible, turn out at night rather than during the day if you think your horse might be at risk.
• Could your horse manage without shoes? Good quality forages such as lucerne, together with a forage balancer such as our Total Eclipse will result in stronger hooves and might mean that your horse could go without shoes, or at least without hind shoes, for part or even all of the year.

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