Charlie Avent Blog 11: EquATA demo

Blog 11: EquATA demo

Posted by Charlie Avent on 20 September 2015

Hi everybody, Spirit and I have been very busy ever since we got our new trailer thanks to our sponsors at Simple System Horse Feeds especially since we have been practising loading up and unloading safely.

We have only just recently returned from a trip to Northampton to do a demonstration for our friends at EquATA Equine Therapy Centre during their open day.

This was our first chance to take Oscar the horse trailer with Spirit on board and we didn't waste it!

My two volunteers helped me set up and get ready for the demonstration as well as helping me get there safely and we had a lovely time meeting up with some old friends whilst there.

One of the best parts of the day was being able to show off the new trailer to everyone and tell everybody proudly of how Simple System sponsor me and made the trailer happen.

We sold all the copies of my book we took with us and the demonstrations themselves went really well.


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