Charlie Avent Blog 13: An exciting time to be an autistic horse whisperer!

Blog 13: An exciting time to be an autistic horse whisperer!

Posted by Charlie Avent on 04 November 2015

Hi everybody, Spirit and I are slipping and sliding in the lovely muddy wet weather and we both appear to be enjoying ourselves regardless!

Recently I went to Monty Roberts demonstration at Hartpury College in Gloucester which was great fun despite an accident in which one of his helpers got run over by a horse and had to be rescued by the ambulance people.

Luckily she escaped with minor injuries and a few broken ribs. Considering that they work with some of the most dangerous horses on the planet I would say that one accident in more than 20 years of world tours is an incredible safety record.

Monty was also kind enough to record a video for me in which he praised my book and described it as incredible! It's amazing when a man you've looked up to you ever since you got interested in Horsemanship describes the book you wrote as incredible and I must say to this day I still get quite emotional thinking about his praise of me...

Mostly at the moment Spirit and I are concentrating on dealing with the bad weather and arranging small-scale demonstrations in our local area not to mention recruiting additional volunteers to help with demonstrations.

I have Spirit enjoying her Simple System feeds with the addition of linseed to help her coat to cope with the additional rain we keep getting.

I hope soon that we will be able to get some talks and book signings underway in my local area again soon.

All the best, Charlie

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