Georgie Wood Blog 35: Here is to 2016

Blog 35: Here is to 2016

Posted by Georgie Wood on 29 December 2015

I couldn't head into 2016 without one final blog.. One for the road if you will!     

​'Success is simple. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.'

So apparently it is as simple as that, and I think it is easy to forget that inevitably it is the most straightforward things that make the biggest difference and that simplicity is not just directed at the riding side, but also the care and management of the horses and life in general. I believe that less is more, and that is why I am so grateful of the support from Simple System who allow me to feed the best, and most natural diet to aid my horses performance. I love the fact I can micromanage each horses diet, with the feed-line on hand if I need some advice. It is also why I am such a huge fan of the Micklem Bridles - which all my horses do everything in. I think they look really smart and the horses are always very happy in them - I haven't yet found a horse I have ridden who doesn't improve for wearing it. I am also hugely appreciative to William Micklem for the advice he has given me, despite having never met me - it was fantastic to know that someone as knowledgable as him thought I was doing the right things. I did finally get to meet him at the Pony Club A Test reunion this year which was lovely.  

It has been fairly quiet recently, with Coco having some post-season down time, just hacking and the odd bit of stretching work in the school, trying to strengthen him up and keep him fit ready to come out fighting in 2016 - I have big plans for us both, and it all starts with keeping him happy, fit and healthy. He will be 17 next year so  I want to make sure I am helping him physically as much as I can. 
Oscar has been for a few outings, he went to Aston arena eventing where he did the most beautiful test followed by a great double clear - he deserved the win but unfortunately the judge didn't like his test and he finished 5th. Since then he jumped double clear in the 90cm at Parwood just before Christmas and  after having the first fence down he jumped an awesome double clear (it was single phase) in the 90cm at Felbridge on Sunday. He has come on so much and I can't wait to take the eventing world by storm in 2016.
Meanwhile, positive news on the Lily front who is now sound and building up to being back in full work - I am hoping to start jumping her once I get back from skiing next week - I can't wait to have my mega mare back and firing on all cylinders, especially on the back of her success in the 2015 Novice South East Eventers League rankings.

2016 is going to be an exciting year for me, three lovely horses to event and as long as I manage to pass my exams I will be graduating from uni and entering the big wide world (of no longer being a student) but of course this means more time than ever to play ponies, and I will be making the most of it! 

So this blog is short and sweet.. Not much else for me to say but Happy New Year from the whole team here at Georgie Wood Eventing.
Make sure you set yourself some goals, write them down, put them in a safe place and then read them back this time next year to see whether you have achieved them..

Till 2016

Georgie and the team x

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