Charlie Avent Blog 15: Light at the end of the tunnel

Blog 15: Light at the end of the tunnel

Posted by Charlie Avent on 21 March 2016

Hi everybody, Spirit and I and in fact our latest team member Dylan have been going through a rough patch recently because my mum has been diagnosed with depression and the support company that was meant to be helping me to stay safe and independent in my house were not doing their job properly.
The good news is that I now employ my own personal assistant team handpicked by myself and assisted by my friends from The Autism Directory charity and already we have found it has made a massive difference having personal assistants who come when I need them and are flexible enough to work with me on my terms.
I am now doing access to work through the government scheme to do supported permitted work and earn some extra money which should be great because I'm wanting to turn my autism awareness movement into a business with the intention of helping lots more people and eventually travelling further.
Spirit is doing really well on her Simple System feeds, our latest adventures include the Monty Roberts demonstration which I've just returned from where I met Martin Clunes! I was fortunate enough to have a copy of my book Following The Hoofprints with me at the time and so gifted him a copy.

It was great to meet him but it was even better seeing my old friend Monty Roberts again the two of us have so much in common yet don't seem to have an afternoon because of his hard work trying to change the world to make it a better place for horses and people.

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