Team Lamy Wright Blog 17: Superstar Ehren

Blog 17: Superstar Ehren

Posted by Team Lamy Wright on 08 July 2016
Janine Lamy

Another packed month passes. Millie had her second dressage outing to Speedgate and was much more relaxed about the whole affair. She looked pretty smart scoring 68% in both her Intro and Prelim tests picking up a blue and green frillie. Bless the baby pony!

We have been SJ schooling at Eaglesfield, XC schooling at Lodge Farm and had an all-day clinic at Parwood. This was a great day despite the M25 doing its worst. It took most people over four hours to get to there but it was well worth it as we had great fun in the sunshine. The weather had been so hideous up to this point. The facilities at Parwood are great and well worth a visit. They are just starting evening XC schooling there if anyone is keen.

Ehren has been out schooling every week and has seen Char a couple of times too. We are plodding on with practising our changes away from home; hopefully increasing her confidence. Char keeps telling me off for my lack of concentration in the tempis. Must learn to focus. My brain just seems to go AWOL part way through and she says “that was your fault” !!

Unfortunately, Louisa had a fall from her horse and has been in sick-bay. This means we are all covering the yard at the moment between the normal day job. When Ehren is in sick-bay she gets an unlimited buffet and cold towels for her forehead as required. She has a little bell and I run backwards and forwards attending to her every need. I have told Louisa she needs to suck it up and take more painkillers. She has stopped answering my calls.

Lily has been coming back into work after she was declared fit to go at the vets. She is entered for Tweseldown BE90 this weekend to get her going again. Everything crossed! Lexi is the size of a broodmare and her saddle is still shooting up towards her ears giving her girth galls despite many attempts with various girths and fluff.

Then finally the big day arrived. Although we are very new to Advanced Medium I had taken the big leap and entered Ehren for her first Advanced at Oldencraig BD. Not an ideal venue for her, and as it turned out not ideal weather with the wind blowing the flags about down in their international arena. However, she tried her best and held it together. Although the canter was very fragile and tense we got a very respectable score of 65.15% I am so very proud of her. What a superstar. Prelim to advanced in four years despite all the problems she has suffered. Love her.

Then it was Jasmine’s Lottie out next to BlueBarn BD for the Prelims. She has been feeling much more established and rideable at home and we were not disappointed with a 72% score and red and blue frillies; her first score in the 70% club. Woohoo!

So looking forwards we are very busy. I am hopeful that Ehren may go out again at Advanced. All the schooling away from home has taken its toll on her weight though so she will probably have a few easy weeks now to recharge the batteries. Lily has Tweseldown and Eridge and I am ever hopeful that the Black Bomber will start to jump now and get ready for a summer or autumn event. Teaching wise we have the BD Area Festivals to prepare for, more SJ clincs at Carmen Court, Eaglesfield and Felbridge, XC schooling at Bonfleur, and an all-day clinic at Tweseldown. Kick on!

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