Charlie Avent Blog 18: Pastures New and Beyond

Blog 18: Pastures New and Beyond

Posted by Charlie Avent on 11 August 2016

Many of you are aware that Spirit and I had been struggling in the winter time (despite our wonderful sponsorship from Simple System horse feeds and all the lovely food they supply us with) because of the muddy fields and the cold and wet. Sadly, we’re not the only ones who are having a tough time. Our dear friends from the stables where mine and Spirit’s journey started may have to close the farm down. This has meant that Spirit and I have now moved to Tumpy Green equestrian centre in Cam where Spirit has access to several indoor and outdoor schools as well as her very own very beautiful stable and lovely fields where she can roam with her new friends!

It has been a sad but exciting transition for all of us; meeting new friends and leaving old ones behind. Spirit loaded and travelled brilliantly to come to the new yard and my team of friends and helpers were fantastic.

In other news I have made a new friend in a company called Ani Mate who make high quality steel feed bins and cabinets for keeping things away from the dirt, the grime and pests. I had seen the competition on the Simple System Facebook page to win Simple System feed and a feed bin. I decided to enter it and order a storage cabinet from them to put their company to the test. Martin and his team turned out to be lovely people and have been very helpful.

I really hope I get to win the competition but I understand that there are many people who are very deserving potential winners.

Charlie and Spirit.

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