Charlie Avent Blog 19: Breaking News

Blog 19: Breaking News

Posted by Charlie Avent on 29 September 2016

Hi everyone! Spirit is working really hard in her lessons with our friend Abi who works as an Enlightened Equitation instructor for Heather Moffat and, fuelled by her fabulous Simple System Horse feeds, she is in fabulous fettle!

She seems to have settled in really well at the new yard (Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre) and we both seem to have made lots of new friends amongst the ponies, horses and humans here!

I recently took Spirit to the annual show at the centre where we wandered around chatting to people. I drank cups of tea and Spirit ate lots of grass. The original plan had been for Spirit to wear her smart sponsored rug but it ended up being far too hot for either of us to wear our sponsorship clothing and in fact it was hard to tolerate wearing anything at all! All of my friends were very impressed with Spirit's behaviour and the way she conducted herself at the show and it has reminded me that I take Spirit's good behaviour for granted. She is very easy in general to handle but for some people having a well-trained, well-behaved horse is a dream not a reality...

The big breaking news though, is that we have taken my small movement, 'Autism Meets Natural Horsemanship' and turned it into a fully insured and fully registered company specialising in giving training and talks about autism in a variety of settings. We will also be doing audits of company premises and will be specialising in helping people to improve their relationship with their horses, working through any problems they may be experiencing such as barging and spooking. So I am now officially self-employed!

Registered charity The Autism Directory realised at the beginning of the first meeting with me back in 2012 that I have far more potential than many people saw in me despite my learning difficulties and autism and that in fact these supposed difficulties really were gifts. So with help from an amazing advocate we were able to secure funding from the government's Access to Work scheme to help finance support workers and a job coach to help me along with assistive technology. I can now use my new iPad Pro which has amazing speech recognition software and helps me to write my blogs and emails which in turn enables me to run and organise my new business! Many people never really believed in me or believed that I could set up and run my own business but my new team are amazing and with Simple System on my side I cannot fail!

Anyone interested in finding out more about my new business should visit:

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